About Eureka Rental

Eureka Rental was started in 2004 when I had only a few pieces of equipment and a job trailer to work from. Prior to this, I spent several years in the home building industry. That experience gave me a comprehensive working knowledge of the equipment needed to do a job correctly and efficiently. I also understood that it was not always feasible to purchase every piece of equipment needed. So, over the years, I added to the stock of equipment and at this time Eureka Rental sits on 2 acres. We are loaded with all the tools you need!

Not only are we here to serve the local businessman and home owner, at Eureka Rental we also believe in serving our community. Recently we had a damaging storm in our area where trees were downed and roadways were blocked. It was a very proud moment for me when my employees came in after hours and took equipment to the areas that needed clearing and volunteered their time operating the machinery to help our neighbors.

I am a family man who always enjoys DIY projects. With 5 children and a home to upkeep there is a never ending list of tasks to be done. Right now, we are adding a 20×20 patio off the kitchen. I am learning to set some really awesome concrete blocks from another local company. We really thought that in the hill behind our house we would hit rock. However, we haven’t found even a pebble! So in addition to the patio, we are building a retaining wall. I ended up needing a lot more equipment for the job than what I had planned. It’s a good thing that I have a connection with Eureka Rental

Scott Nelson, Owner

Eureka Rental